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Immigration To Australia

Welcome to Australia, Australia is One of the best places in the world to live, a culturally diverse, racially tolerant society that welcomes and offers opportunity to all of those who wish to stay here for long terms and like to make their lives on better track. From the vast landscape and the exotic flora and fauna to the cosmopolitan cities, Australia is a beautiful and varied place of contrasts, and a vital destination for business development and growth in the 21st Century. Since 1945, nearly 5.6 million people from over 150 countries have come to call Australia home, made it their permanent destination and got settled. Currently Australia has a population of Over 22 million people, but Still this number is growing constantly. Approximately 1 in 4 Australian residents are born outside Australia.
The Standard of living is amongst the highest in the world, yet costs remain competitive. You will have a wide choice of activities to enrich our experience-from cultural festivals, concerts and museums, to major sporting events. In Australia, you have the freedom to choose a path that suits your particular goals.

Australia Welcome you:- Australia has evolved an immigration policy which encourages anyone who meets the selection criteria to apply to immigrate regardless of sex, religion, or ethnic and national origin. Because of this country's increasing participation in international markets a greater emphasis is now placed on the "skill" element of the Migration Program. This is due to a specific skills deficit in the Australian workforce. To reduce these shortages, the Australian Government is very keen to attract highly skilled labour abroad. Occupations most in need include

** Business Professionals
** Managers & Administrators
** Associate Professionals
** Trade Persons

Business Migrants, with Capital and international experience are equally invited and welcomed by the Immigrations laws to contribute their roles in Australia's Economical Expansion. This Country is now home of over 20,000 business people from over 100 Countries, who have not only contributed their experience and capital but also accompanied with them their 52,000 family members from their homeland, to join hands with them to play their roles in Country's economy development process and Australia is proud of that. Australia is ideal Country for business investments due to its de-regulated economy, enormous natural resources and technical strength. The potential for expansion, development and progress is tremendous. Underpinning this exciting business climate is a tax system, which favourably competes with all other western economies.

  • **Individual Skilled-Independent Migration to Australia: "Points Test" - which makes it possible for qualified workers to permanently immigrate into Australia based on their education and skills.
  • **Employer Nomination Scheme (Australian Migration) - which enables Australian employers to permanently hire highly qualified workers from overseas countries on the condition that an Australian worker could not fill a skilled position locally. Available under this category is a "Labour Agreement" which allows permanent residency for specific skilled workers.

**Business Skills Migration to Australia - a program that makes it possible for successful business people to stay in Australia and begin a new business or to purchase or become a partner in an existing business.
**Temporary Australian Business Visa (Skilled Workers - Business People) - may be obtained for business people and those who are highly skilled to investigate genuine business possibilities. It is also available to those who can provide discernible advantages for Australia through the transfer of skills and technology or specialised international business understanding.

Growth Opportunity: - The benefits of immigration in Australia are both personal and financially. Your years in Australia will give you the best opportunity as a perfect terminal to succeed in your career, and prepare you for the challenges of the work place for our future strategies.

Our Services:- to migrate to Australia, include Free consultation, Advice and enrolment counselling to help you get best alternative options, according to your profile, interests, studies and experience. while completing your applications. We don't leave you anything to do, except making a decision. We will do every-possible thing for you to secure a place for you. Our Services are free of Charge, even we have discounts on most of cases for Immigration to Australia.

A2Z Worldwide Education & Immigration Consultancy, is One of the best and leading Tours Operators and Overseas Education and Immigration Consultants, based in Lahore, Pakistan, with Foreign offices, in UK, USA. Australia, Canada and Dubai-UAE, providing legal education consutancy services to students from all part of Pakistan, membered with top notch and highly professionalized Education Consultants and Experts having an esteemed experience of over a decade in specified services category, who are always ready to help you finding and advising right and accurate country to travel, live and study according to your qualifications levels, skills, interests standards and profile. Being a total solutions based and flawless, transparent and esteemed education consultancy, A2Z Worldwide Consultancy can surely show you a right way to a bright future, as we do have driven the name of Best Educational Consultants in Pakistan based on our dedications and services provided to thousands of our Valued clients, who are Well Settled and ranked on higher positions in Foreigns after completion of their Studies in respective fields.
The fact that you are on our site suggests that you are on the verge of a decision-Choosing the right people to take right advice from one of best professional's team, which could bring new rays of bright future in to your whole life, giving you better, well selected and pioneer options to adopt and enjoy. As we know -Once you taken a decision to go overseas for higher & desired education for bright career, you are at-once faced with a road, seems to be an obstacle race. Surely you would be having good friends, relatives or family members, giving you good advices, opinions and options to go for, but somehow ending up causing more confusions and distractions in particulized intentions and goals.
That's What A2Z Worldwide Education Consultants are here to help and advice you, with bestt and perfect solutions to all your overseas education related queries and confusions, as we are a Professional team, a group of expertise, knowledge and personal experience of studying and living abroad. Our Dynamic, dedicated and student friendly counseling team is here to help you achieve your goals as desired and designed, with aim to find you the right place, and not to sell the universities to you.
A2Z Worldwide Education Consultants, provide services to study or immigration to Europe for any Country, for Australia, for Canada, for New Zealand, for United States of America (Universities & Schools of all States), for Italy, for Ireland, for Norway, for Cyprus, for Finland, for Spain, for Germany, for Sweden, for Greece, for all European & Schengen Countries and for fareast Countries like Singapore and Malaysia..

So if you are looking for a perfect, professional and highly experienced Worldwide Education & Immigration Consultancy, A2Z Worldwide Consultancy is One of the best Choice for you with complete and best solutions for all your needs, queries and demands, don't waste your time, decide wisely, give us a call Today to speak to one of professional representatives, or to have your appointment confirmed for a formal meeting. Please Give us Call at +92- 42- 35817106

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